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Advantages of Waxing as Compared to Shaving

Not only is waxing a fabulous way of getting rid of hair from most areas of the body, but it is also quicker and more convenient than shaving. Waxing professionals claim that waxing tends to last longer than shaving. You might be needed to pick your razor after two or three days, but the best thing about waxing is that the results might stay the same for almost six weeks. As a result, if you do not want to spend much of your time shaving, you might need to search for waxing services and experience the benefit that come with the services.

There are two available methods of waxing your eyebrows, arms, underarms, and lip. They include hot and warm waxing. In warm waxing, the professional applies the wax directly to the skin with the help of a spatula. They smooth strips of fabric over the wax and ensure that it has been removed as quickly as possible. The wax comes out with hair on it in the process. On the other hand, as the name suggests, hot waxing involves the application of hot wax on the surface of the skin. However, in this case, it is not removed immediately.

In hot waxing, the wax is left to cool and harden on the surface of the skin. Once the wax has hardened, the professional lifts the corner of the wax and pulls it directly off the person’s skin. Generally, waxing is better than shaving as it provides with better results. Once the task is completed, someone is left with a smooth skin, unlike shaving where small, stiff hairs are left. The short and stiff hairs are uncomfortable to have because most of the times they tend to bring discomfort to the body.

Waxing is also better as it ensures that you have less regrowth in between appointments. One of the reasons explaining why less regrowth is experienced is the fact that the hair is pulled from the root. This allows your skin to remain smooth and more vibrant for a longer period of time before the hair shaft makes its way to the surface of the skin again. Shaving only cuts the hair shaft located on the surface of the skin but doesn’t account for the roots. Generally, with waxing you are going to experience less regrowth and this is what makes the whole process beneficial.

Waxing is also the best way for a person to ensure that their hair grows back progressively sparser and finer. Again, this is facilitated by the fact that hair is torn off from the roots. As a result, the hair follicle is forced to weaken over time. Once the follicles are weakened, finer and sparser hair is produced. However, you need to find the right professionals who are experienced in waxing. You should particularly search for a waxing institution that uses the sugaring method which utilizes all natural products to make wax, including water, sugar, and lemon juice. Sugar paste is a natural ingredient or wax that remove hair follicles from the roots.

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